Outlander the musical ?

DIANA Gabaldon revealed she was once in talks about an Outlander musical – and would one day like to see it hit the stage.

The author was approached by Aberdeen playwright Mike Gibb about making a live version of her books.

She says: “Mike came to me in 2009 as he had it in mind to do an Outlander musical. Some of the songs were really very good. But at that point my agent did the deal with Sony which took two years of negotiations.

“So we had to suspend the musical at that point. I retained my musical drama rights to the books, but there’s a hold-back period in the contract for several years.”

She adds: “But we are approaching that point again where we can consider doing a musical, so we will look around at that then and see where we are.”

However, some of Diana’s followers go to painful lengths to show their devotion.

She said: “I’ve been asked to sign people’s arms with a Sharpie, which they then go and have tattooed on their skin.

“One woman waited for hours to be in line at a book signing. She then took off her shoe and her stocking to show me the tattoo on her foot.

“It was of the running stag brooch that was on the front cover of my book The Fiery Cross on the US and Canadian editions.

“I was like, ‘Well that looks painful.’ She then gave me a Polaroid photo of her foot as a memento.”

Blackness castle ,DIANA Gabaldon writer of Outlander
Blackness Castle

And other followers have left her feeling flushed with success.

She adds: “Someone asked me a question online about the books and it was going to be quite a complicated answer.

“I replied, ‘I will be happy to answer that later as right now I only have two brain cells left and one of those is trying to remember to buy toilet paper.’

“A few days later a big FedEx truck pulls up next to my house and decants 200 rolls of toilet paper from all around the world.

“There was Korean, Japanese, Australian and a lot from the US as well. The Korean toilet paper was pretty cute as it had images of bees on it.”

Then there are the mickey-takes, with Diana left tickled by Burnistoun’s Outlander sketch which featured Jamie McShagger from The Clan McShagger on the new BBC Scotland channel last month.

She laughed: “That was very funny but I’ve seen a lot of parodies of Outlander now. Fans film their own ones too.”

But her followers will be delighted to know that after she completes her 10-part main series she plans to keep Outlander going with a string of potential spin-offs and a prequel.

She joked: “I will die sooner or later, although I think I can make it through to the tenth book.

“But the Outlander effect is now totally outwith my control.

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